Arianna's Year in Nutshell


May: Birth. Enough said.

June: This month was devoted to getting to know one another a little better. In retrospect, I'm sure that a ton of momentous things happened in June, but we are all too tired to remember.

July: We started our month with Ari's first Cornerstone. It was a great experience and we can't wait to go back next year. It was Arianna's first road trip and it (mostly) went well. Nothing like a car to make a baby sleepy! The other great highlight of July were Ari's first smiles. She's got a big, goofy grin and isn't afraid to use it.

August: The biggest August event was Ari's dedication.  It was a beautiful ceremony presided over by Marc's cousin, Ronn Brooks. The day went well, with a lot of friends and family in attendance. Her first real spotlight performance gave Ari no trouble - she waited quietly while we said all the serious stuff and then took a brief nap.

September: Towards late September, Ari started leaning against tables and chairs. Her favorite position is definitely upright where she can see everything and everyone.

October: This month is easy: Halloween! Ari was a beautiful green frog for the festivities and even went trick or treating, with a little help from Marc. Her total candy take was 1 Snickers, 2  Milky Way, and a few other random pieces. The pickings were a bit slim, but she didn't seem to care. The important thing, however, is that her attitude was great (hugely improved by her nap at prime time). And she was incredibly cute.

November: We spent Thanksgiving at the Lake of the Ozarks this year. Ari's first year at the lake went rather well, despite her second tooth cutting through on Thanksgiving day. Her first tooth came in on November 19th. This trip was the second long road trip for Arianna, and it wasn't too bad. We stocked her with toys, but she slept through most of it anyway.

December: Christmas was the big thing for this month (imagine!). We invited family over and served dinner on Christmas day. Ari was a jewel in her special Christmas dress - a gift from her Omie. Ari enjoyed a corn and sweet potato puree (from the Beechnut Baby Food kitchen). Everyone was very kind and Ari reaped the rewards. Her favorite events of the day involved chewing on the packages, rather than opening them, but, hey, everyone should celebrate their own way.

A special 2003 separate note: Arianna's new cousin, William Patrick, arrived early to ring in the New Year. He was born December 30, 2003, at 2:02 PM.