Who is who?

I think this person is an Aunt.
Is she carrying off a rubber tree plant?

Not that kind of ant, you say.
Someone's Sister, someone's Brother
Maybe even someone's Mother.
We don't know! We can't keep track!
It's the knowledge that we lack.
So listen close, tune your ear,
You will find what you need right here.

Starting with Marc's connection...

Opa: Marc's father, other name Charles
Omi: Marc's mother, other name Karin

Frank: Marc's brother
Andrea: Frank's wife
Jared: Frank and Andrea's son
Hanna: Frank and Andrea's daughter

(ok, so those are the ones most likely to be mentioned on this site)

And on to Beth's connection

Grandma: Beth's mom, other name Deb
Grandpa: Beth's dad, other name Larry
Nana Lisa: Beth's step mom

Mary: Beth's sister
Tom: Beth's brother

Linda: Beth's sister
Matt: Linda's husband
Will: Matt and Linda's son

Krystel: Beth's stepsister
Bob: Krystel's husband
Drew: Bob and Krystel's son


'Aunt' Chris
'Aunt' Kim

Everyone Else

Simon, our dog
Zoey, our cats


With great sadness, we remember Casey, our African Grey Parrot, who winged away on a sunny afternoon in search of a different path. We hope for his return.