Ari's Important Statistics

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Date of Birth: May 9th               Weight at birth: 8 lbs, 3 oz           Length at birth: 20 inches


September 2007

Favorite toys: Construction implements - blocks, legos, etc. She likes to build complex housing and schools for her small figurines to play in. We are also enjoying the entry level Recorder.

Favorite books: Ari is currently fascinated by our library choices. Each trip to the library features at least one science or math book, an 'I Can Read' book, and several picture books. We are working our way through Ruth Heller's series on parts of speech.

May 2004 stats:

Favorite toys: She plays with a lot of different things, but is currently fascinated by things that have causation - "press a button and it makes a noise" kind of thing. She is very engineering oriented, and likes to study something in action.

Favorite books: Well, we've gotten to know some by heart now. "Are Elephants Tiny?" (a DK book), "Moo Baa La La La" remains a great participation book, "One, Two Three!" by Sandra Boynton (a favorite author), and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" are a few we don't even need the book for anymore. Currently Ari is just enamored by "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" by Suess and sits still, patiently listening, for the entire book (60-something pages!).

Favorite food: Bologna, goldfish, pretzels, and all different kinds of fruit.


January 2004 stats:

Favorite toys: Simon, the dog; Ele, one of our cats; "Baby," the doll she received for Christmas; anything that stacks, crashes, interlocks, or is otherwise very harmful on feet.

Favorite books: We won't let her have one. After reading a book twice, we make her pick a new one. Except for bedtime reading. Every night to go to sleep we read "The Encyclopedia of Animals"

Favorite food: Hard to pick one, though high ranking picks include Craisens, peanut butter (especially with honey), yogurt, cheese, and the everlasting Cheerios.


Arianna July, 2004

Old Stats:


Favorite toys: Simon, the dog; Velvet or Ele, two of our cats; anything else that can withstand the drool

Current method of transportation: Walking along the furniture but crawling when necessary

Current favorite food: It's a tie between carrots and cheerios