A few sites we can recommend...



http://stlouis.missouri.org/lasalle/ Take a look at our neighborhood.

http://www.slfp.com/ForestPark.html One of our great resources is Forest Park. We've spent quite a bit of time there - going to the zoo, art museum, science center or just walking the dog. As a matter of fact, Marc and Beth were married in Forest Park, at the Jewel Box. We're sure to spend even more time there as Ari can appreciate the fun to be had.

http://www.stlouiszoo.org The St. Louis Zoo has their own site, with great zoo information. We've officially become zoo members again, and we look forward to using our membership frequently.

http://www.cornerstonefestival.com/ The month of July found Arianna in Bushnell, IL, attending Cornerstone Festival. The festival is a Christian music haven, with multiple stages for concerts, seminars, an art show, movie short contest, a skatepark, and just about everything a major Christian event needs. The weeklong event is packed full of great stuff to do and wonderful people to meet.

http://www.odd.net Arianna's first and second Thanksgiving was spent at the Lake of the Ozarks. We have a time share down there every November.

Favorite Things To Do

http://www.stlouisblues.com/index.html One of our favorite outings is to see a hockey game. The excitement! The thrill! All those things to see!

Favorite Things to See or Hear

http://www.bigidea.com/ Home of the illustrious Veggie Tales! Their songs have become an Arianna favorite for traveling and we suspect that eventually the videos will take their place in our DVD player.

Update: It's happened. We've been taken over by Veggie Tales. Gotta love 'em.

http://www.babyeinstein.com/ Another one of Arianna's favorites. We own several of these videos, and Arianna adores them. Beware, though, cause not every kid is as fascinated as Ari. Arianna's cousin Will isn't too interested.

Fun Spots on the Web

http://www.fehq.org/ Check out the BBS Arianna's Dad has been running for years.

http://www.twissbrooks.org/ Arianna's Uncle Frank runs a great homepage. See some family and vacation pictures and some Chicago related stuff, too.


There will be more links in the future, but it's bed time now. Check back later!