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'cause every kid needs a place to hide from every one else

Arianna is 4 years old! Where does the time go?

Arianna is a small girl who has limited computer time. So this little archive is actually more in honor of those internet groupies she knows and loves. Finally, we're getting around to making some pictures more readily available. Not to mention the earth shattering information that will now be accessible with a click of a mouse! After all, if the information highway didn't have a billboard for Ari, her parents would be... well, behind the times.

Enjoy. Have a laugh or two. We do.

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Highlights from 2004

If you have checked back, you know we fell behind in updates. But the year summary is complete (just in time for 2005...).

Highlights from 2003

There's the obvious "Welcome baby Arianna" - but much more!


Good news, everyone! We've finally gone digital. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the boost we need to get some more pictures up here.

This site is a huge work in progress. We started things moving, then started ignoring them again. Thanks for bearing with us.


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